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Zhang did not learn his car into the duck Gap, he received a phone XIA Jing, said Han Shan county Liang mined coal mine on the 2nd the 3rd tunnel gas explosion killed one person, so he rushed to the Han Shan County. Arrived Han Shan County, also received a phone XIA Jing, said Yin County Whitewater Kong coal mine collapse caused two deaths.[Santa Clarita]

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I am grateful to say, really thank you Snow business, so you can not afford to be magnanimous to pay me. Really.[Richmond]


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Paypal Li Donghua looked a bit replied: "I am, I have what you are looking for something son?" Li Donghua not busy answering him, but look around the car, as if looking for what? [Lubbock]

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Although Li Lao five black dao Lawrence, but may indeed also speak some brotherhood, his own relatives and friends is very good, especially for the brother in law Wang Zhongwei care for me. Winnie is from the heart for love, not just because people look at Winnie fascinating figure, a face peach; still will do, never, and Li Lao five other lover's wife and jealousy, and the bed is so crazy, so five Shiyou Er Li Lao five extremely happy and can not stop. So she is all woman in Li Lao five most Li Lao five like a. Li Lao five neglecting these two are impossible![Jersey City]


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Lai into grumbled, where my words out of line? But I want to eat your milk thing! Not your body that milk is in your hand.[Saint Paul]

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