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Police seized gambling money is a huge field, if punished for the crime of gambling, gamblers each prison at least until the 2035; while leading cadres to accept the opposite sex massage, just discipline, but also the heaviest punishment dismissal, expelled from the party, leave public office is no problem. Luo Yibin conditions, I have no answer.[Santa Clarita]

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I took off his glasses, wiped his wet eyes with the palm of your hand until the fall, when the applause, then said, I have a request, it can be said that a requirement would like to give you a raise: Southampton people compare the current lax, very confident shortage, which is affecting the biggest obstacle Southampton out of the woods. You go back, must be accountable to the people around him more publicity to explain multi-boot, as long as the county people heart to a thought, an effort to make a concerted efforts, hard work, Nam would soon out of the woods, to glory . Please everyone![Richmond]


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Wu Xintao think the opportunity came, so for Li Donghua, said: "Secretary Li, which under certain footing those corrupt elements have been chaos, we can take real action, and it starts from the town of Gao police station, police found several deputy Secretary who then will be able to plunge the county and county officials high barren head. "Then, Li Donghua Wu Xintao with the approval of the agreement, immediately to the high barren county public security bureau to clear open call. So that he will be caught a few days ago in the town of Gao protection fee for those two punks first brought them to the Public Security Bureau and request sent to instructor Young Black Dragon monitor up so that he heard the sound of the wind and escape. Ming also told to choose a few effective and can open people trust their actions with their two small thief from the start, so there is a real breakthrough in investigative actions. [Lubbock]

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I said, hey, really incomprehensible, before you are generous, it is a market economy under the conditions of all economic activity in general principles, but as he depends on a person also travel extensively, Is this still do not understand? He grabbed hold this detail, I doubt he really had impure motives.[Jersey City]


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In the weekly meeting on the third day after death, which is presided over Whitewater Municipal Wu Hongfei work the next day at noon, in downtown Whitewater Whitewater Avenue bombings occurred. What really happened was this: That night Whitewater Television "news space" part pretty hostess Tong Yanyan after work drove her pretty red sports car driving to the "Celeb" supermarket before the explosion occurred, hurt passers-five people , injured three people, two minor injuries. And Tongyan Yan himself was seriously wounded, thanks to an explosion in the rear of the car. Otherwise, the child would deep fry a few patches of beauty, but beauty and she will be separated forever, she was a large area burned.[Saint Paul]

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